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Apartment List: Building a streamlined and consistent Employee Experience with Sapling.


As a 65 person company onboarding 5 - 10 employees per month (both locally and remote), Apartment List was using a mix of spreadsheets, Google docs and Google slides for their onboarding (with manual paperwork being sent and filed).

In addition, the onboarding program was required 72 onboarding tasks per new hire, with an estimated 6 hours of workflow management between an 5 people for each new hire.  

Fallon Roche on the People Operations team recalls, "We had limited visibility of what onboarding activities had been completed, what was outstanding and who was responsible for each activity.... and we also had numerous emails from new hires with questions relating to new hire workflows, hardware requirements, payroll and benefits."

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"Sapling’s been amazing for providing a consistent onboarding experience for new hires. It’s no longer necessary to check-in, chase and reminds other employees because it’s all tracked and managed by Sapling."

Fallon Roche, People Operations at Apartment List


Apartment List implemented Sapling in January 2017, consolidating their fragmented new hire systems and processes into purpose built technology.

Sapling worked with the Apartment List People Operations team to create structured onboarding plans for new hires, including a company branded onboarding portal for new hires showcasing company history, values, team and culture.

Sapling's Workflow and Email features also provided the People Operations team with visibility of onboarding tasks, and ensured a consistent process for new hires (locally and remote). On average, Sapling helped to automate 72 workflows per new hire across multiple stakeholders and departments, saving an estimated 140 emails between employees.

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Apartment List built a streamlined and consistent employee onboarding program that provided a great new hire experience and streamlined the process for internal stakeholders.

Sapling helped provide visibility and consistency on average of an 72 workflows per new hire, saving an estimated 140 emails between employees. Reduced People Operations management per new hire from 6 hours to 90 minutes (saving an estimated 4.5 hours per new hire).

Lauren Burris, Head of People Operations, noted "Sapling has allowed us to have a fluid experience collecting new hire data from Lever's ATS automatically into our onboarding program - this has been an amazing way to bridge the candidate's experience and increase the new-hires' lifetime value to Apartment List."

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