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Aclara: Powering the new hire experience with Sapling and Workday

Aclara’s HR team has project locations all over the United States, however, most of the HR onboarding processes were being handled from their headquarters in St. Louis. Without the right technology, the Aclara team wasn’t able to efficiently track the completion of their new hires onboarding and this became a cumbersome challenge.



Aclara, now part of the Hubbell Power Systems family of brands, is a world-class supplier of smart infrastructure solutions (SIS) and services to more than 1,000 water, gas, and electric utilities globally.

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Headquartered in St. Louis with offices in Cleveland, Boston, Somersworth, NH & outside of D.C, Spain, Chile and the UK.

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Aclara needed to find a way to streamline their onboarding. Lizzy Mann, Aclara’s Talent Acquisition Operations Lead, wanted to update their outdated, manual onboarding processes to reflect Aclara’s sleek, cutting-edge technology; keeping in mind that onboarding is Aclara’s first impression new-hires have of their team and company.

The cumbersome onboarding program meant time and productivity suffered. Before investing in Sapling to power onboarding, offboarding, and other employee lifecycle programs, Aclara relied on physical paperwork packets for their staff (many of which were installers, a high volume position at Aclara). Lizzy and the field supervisors found it challenging to handle a high volume of onboarding tasks over email, and it led to the mismanagement of paperwork, increasing HR compliance risk and perpetuating HR’s focus on People Admin instead of People Strategy. It also placed many of the onboarding responsibilities on the field supervisors to handle new hire onboarding, while their primary responsibility was typically to train and deploy employees to the project site.

“[Sapling has a] simplified onboarding process that is professional - looks great, saves time and is cost-efficient. It’s a great way to have a consistent & easy onboarding process without a lot of back-end set up for your HR team. It’s great for companies that are geographically dispersed to ensure they effectively manage all new hires.”
Elisabeth Mann, Talent Acquisition Operations Lead at Aclara


Lizzy evaluated different onboarding solutions and decided Sapling was the best choice for Aclara because of its functionalities, usability, and customer success centricity. Most importantly, Aclara wanted a solution that would tailor and streamline each employee’s onboarding across the country, and reference calls with existing Sapling customer (and online community feedback) confirmed this

Within two weeks, Sapling was able to be implemented. For Lizzy, Sapling’s workflows and paperwork engine immediately increased her level of visibility and productivity, providing an overview of which employees were starting when and where, and what paperwork had been filled out. Administrative tasks which previously consumed several hours were now being completed in 15 minutes. Sapling’s ability to provide customizable onboarding experiences to different positions across Aclara’s workforce streamlined a process that prior was time-consuming for Lizzy was a game changer.

“We onboard new-hires from thousands of miles away and each team member has a different journey, but no matter what the employee’s title, level, and department they all need to be consistent.
Delivering a consistent employee experience in Sapling was super easy, user-friendly, and didn’t take too much time to build out workflows. It helps my team make a stellar first impression.
Plus, I love the reports and how easy it was to track and measure any team member’s onboarding.”


With Sapling, Aclara’s HR team no longer requires a designated team member to manage onboarding nationwide. The people team are able to leverage Sapling’s automated emails and provide new hires all the information they need before the first day. Their distributed new hire population now have a personalized and consistent onboarding that improves on the overall employee experience. The customized and tailored workflows also make Aclara’s collection of state-specific tax forms much more efficient.

Sapling’s design is an intuitive experience for Aclara’s new hires so much so that they can complete 2 hours worth of paperwork in 15 mins on their phones from the comfort of their home. Increased productivity and a positive initial experience with new hires aids in Aclara’s employee retention which is another win for their HR and Executive team.

"All the information is easily accessible - with the at-a-glance function. Because of the streamlined onboarding process of Sapling, it makes it 10x easier for us to sync with Workday.”

Lastly, Lizzy highlights the benefit Sapling provides to HR and Finance leadership, by providing a clear Return-on-Investment and lowering the cost-of-ownership by consolidating several fragmented tools into one platform.

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