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How PagerDuty partnered with Sapling to build a high-touch, consistent Onboarding program

Learn how PagerDuty utilizes Sapling Workflows for delivering their high-touch and cohesive people experiences, supporting their team to 3X in size while maintaining a cohesive global employee experience



PagerDuty is a leader in digital operations management. In an always-on world, organizations of all sizes trust PagerDuty to help them deliver a perfect digital experience to their customers, every time. Teams use PagerDuty to identify issues and opportunities in real time and bring together the right people to fix problems faster and prevent them in the future.

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PagerDuty has 6 locations (San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, London, Sydney, and Toronto) with additional remote workers around the globe.

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Zach Wordes joined the PagerDuty team in 2018 as their first official Global New Hire Experience Program Manager. At the time, PagerDuty was preparing to go through an explosive growth period following their IPO – expecting to nearly triple their headcount over the next year and wanting to provide a great, long term employee experience. 

Having relied mainly on Google Sheets to track the onboarding and people processes, the HR team knew they needed an automated solution in place in order to provide an exceptional employee experience at scale.

Zach partnered with the People Team to define three key opportunities for improvement to support their next stage of growth. 

  • First, they were seeking a solution that would remove the need for their “Master Onboarding” Google Sheet that required extensive manual follow-ups and complicated viewing permissions. 
  • Next, they were looking to clearly define onboarding task ownership across Talent Development, HR, and IT teams, while offering a transparent way to track task progress and completion.
  • Finally, they wanted to transition their onboarding experience from a low touch, manager led process to a high-touch, cohesive experience that was consistent across the entire organization. 
To us, Sapling represents a connection of kinship. We saw a company that was willing to adapt, grow, and learn alongside us. This is a partnership that we can be proud of.
Zach Wordes, Global New Hire Experience Program Manager


After extensive research, Zach and the PagerDuty team landed on Sapling as a single solution to automate their processes from onboarding all the way to offboarding. 

Thanks to Sapling’s powerful workflow automation, deep integrations to their ATS (Lever), automated task tracking dashboard, and extensive pre-boarding portal, Zach saw an opportunity to build a high-touch, customized employee lifecycle program that helped PagerDuty feel confident in providing a red carpet experience for their surge of new hires. 

Recalling this choice, Zach remembers that “To me, it was a clear-cut decision. The user experience Sapling provides is exactly how we wanted to offer a warm welcome for new hires to learn about our company, get to know their team, and solidify their decision to join [PagerDuty] in the first place.” 

An unexpected benefit for the PagerDuty team came with the release of Profile Templates. By automatically assigning employee record templates based on different locations, departments or employment statuses, Zach was able to get the right information from the right team members at scale. 

“Because we’re a global company, Profile Templates were initially a huge help ensuring we stayed compliant with country-specific needs. Now, we use them for department specific templates as well!” Zach recalls.

Sapling Profile Templates


By partnering with Sapling, PagerDuty provides a seamless onboarding and offboarding experience for new hires as well as for their internal HR team. 

PagerDuty’s People Team now automates over 1200 tasks across 56 workflows, relying on Sapling as their single source of truth for all stakeholders involved in team member transitions. By leveraging Sapling’s Dashboard, Recruiting, HR, IT and Management can now easily stay on the same page with task updates – allowing them to deliver a high-touch onboarding experience with complete transparency on new hire progress. 

Powered by Smart Assignment, PagerDuty also leverages 15 Profile Templates and 40+ pre-scheduled Smart Emails to collect and share the right information to team members based on their Location, Department, and Employment Status. By reducing manual admin work in these areas, Zach and his team deliver a consistent experience for team members in every location. 

To promote visibility and easily share key insights, Zach’s team also utilizes 10+ pre-scheduled Reports, ensuring all stakeholders stay in the loop with important updates at every step. 

When initially introducing Sapling to their internal team, Zach recalls “As with all new tools, there was an initial eye-roll questioning ‘why we need another system.’ But I let the product do the talking, and it resulted in increased engagement and buy-in from departments across the board.”

‘Deeply insightful, phenomenal, the simplest onboarding experience I’ve ever had.’ After rolling out Sapling, feedback like this has become commonplace. New hires feel supported, managers get guidance and reminders, and across the board we’ve seen a consistent new hire experience that supports increased retention. 

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