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4 Companies that crushed the new hire video

With the influx of jobs available and the increasing number of skills that are in short supply, a new hire culture video can be a fun way to stand out...


11 Things to Avoid When Offboarding an Employee

A vast majority of organizations understand the importance of onboarding a new employee. It’s all part of the effort to get a new hire off to a great ...

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Employee Experience Matters: Employee Success Trends for 2018

As we head into 2018, it’s hard not to forget about the social and political movements that have rocked our world to its core. New political tensions,...

Culture Engagement Onboarding

3 Ways to Jumpstart Employee Motivation

Running or managing a company is often stressful. You have to see the business through periods of ups and downs, and you usually have to do it with li...

Culture Engagement Onboarding

How to Motivate Millennials: The Key to Effective Management

By 2025, Millennials (the generation born between 1980 and 2000) will make up about 75% of the world’s working population. As a manager, you must ther...


7 Inexpensive Ways to Invest in Company Culture

Zappos, Google, Expedia, Airbnb — what do some of today’s most innovative companies have in common?


How Can People Ops Gain Employee Trust?

An excellent People organization requires equally excellent trust from all levels of the employee base. From developing and retaining talent, to build...

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Managing the Employee Offboarding Experience

We all want to deliver an effective Employee Experience — which is why we build a great onboarding program into the beginning of the active employee l...

Culture Engagement

8 Stats to Persuade Your Team that Employee Experience Matters

How would you define the Employee Experience at your organization?

Culture Onboarding

Planning for Success: First Day Ideas for New Hires

The first day sets the tone for a new hire’s Employee Experience. But without investing time in designing the right first day plan, you risk making th...

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Is your People Ops team Tactical or Strategic?

If you ever find yourself thinking, “If only I had time to focus on strategy instead of all this admin,” then chances are that you may be finding your...

Culture Onboarding

How to run an Onboarding Program Diagnostic

When we work with Program Leads at Sapling, we support them to build a structured onboarding program, and encourage them to conduct an Onboarding Prog...