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But today, we’d like to summarize some of the top posts published by Sapling in 2018!

10. How to Successfully Implement an HRIS in 8 steps

If your current HRIS is slowing down your team and damaging your employee experience program, implementing a more modern solution may be your next big decision this year. The goal of any HR software is to help you automate workflows, support data-driven decisions and be more strategic. Whatever your goal, once you’ve decided to evaluate a new HRIS, here are 8 steps you can take to ensure a successful implementation.

9. 11 Things to Avoid When Offboarding an Employee

Employees leave organizations for a limitless amount of reasons; some positive, some negative. Learn what some of the biggest mistakes organizations make when offboarding employees -- and how can we avoid destroying an otherwise golden opportunity for gaining feedback and insights.

8. How HR Teams Scale from 10 - 1,000 Employees

As your small business evolves into a company of a thousand plus employees, your people team faces new, complex challenges. We compiled the key takeaways from a panel discussion with Sapling’s CEO and other Leaders in the People Ops space, including Jessica Yuen (former CPO at Couchbase + Gusto), Aisha Stephenson (Former VP People at Quizlet), Desiree Therianos (Former Head of People Ops + Talent at Ellation)

7. 10 Do's and Dont's of Hiring and Onboarding

Two areas that make an immense impact on the employee experience happen to be during the initial hiring and onboarding phases. In order to dispel a candidate’s perception that a company may not have a structure in place to make for a positive career experience, it’s critical to get hiring and onboarding right. Check out our Sapling’s list of do’s and don’ts for world-class Onboarding to accelerate your new hires.

6. Ask the People Ops Expert: Employee Experience Initiatives

The People Team at Blend has implemented a variety of Employee Initiatives. Discover what works best and which ones you can use at your own organization.

5. The #1 Reason Employees Don’t Adopt New HR Solutions

Usability refers to how easy it is to access or use a software solution or website. Despite best intentions, usability is not often factored in when people ops choose a solution. Read why this can’t be the case as you adopt a new HR solution.

4. Utilizing Design Thinking for Employee Onboarding

Design thinking offers a proven, structured approach to problem-solving, including those related to the modern workplace. Discover how you can apply the 5 phases of design thinking to your company’s onboarding program.

3. 10 Blogs to Make you a Better HR Leader

To support our community becoming better and more innovative HR leaders, we syndicated a list of some of Sapling’s favorite HR blogs. We hope you enjoy this non-exclusive list as much as we do!

2. Implementing a New HRIS: 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid

If you plan to implement an HRIS in 2019 (which we highly recommend) make sure to avoid 7 common mistakes teams make about the rollout.

  1. 1. How to Measure New Hire Engagement

Once you’ve incorporated your engagement strategy into onboarding, the challenge is to figure out how it’s working. Learn the 5 Core Questions you need to ask to Measure for New Hire Engagement.

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