People Operations is going through a transformation and there’s a wealth of information available to help us cross the chasm from an Administrative to Strategic-focused function, though at times it can be overwhelming to find a strong signal<>noise ratio.

To support our community becoming better and more innovative HR leaders, we syndicated a list of some of Sapling’s favorite HR blogs. We hope you enjoy this non-exclusive list as much as we do!

  1. Culture Amp

Culture Amp writes for people operations teams that want to understand and act on employee feedback. Topics on their blog range from gender diversity, to the science of motivation, to keeping older generations engaged at work. It’s also one of our favorite communities to be a part of!

We recommend: How to Use Company Culture as a Competitive Advantage

  1. The Talent Innovation Blog

For content around recruiting strategies look no further than Lever’s blog. It’s a great hub of fresh insights on recruiting strategies and processes as well as hiring best practices.

We recommend: 13 Quick Tips to Get More Employee Referrals

  1. The People Ops Collective

With a new blog added every week, Sapling’s content offers modern best practices on a variety of HR topics including culture, employee engagement, HR software, training and onboarding programs.

We recommend: 8 Ways to Cope with a 1 Person HR Team

  1. Lattice

Lattice’s blog is one to check out for resources on performance management. They also host an awesome interview series where industry leaders discuss how they approach people challenges that we highly encourage you check out.

We recommend: How the Performance Review Impacts Your Bottom Line (and How to Make Them Better).

  1. 15Five

15Five’s blog focuses on leadership, company culture, and team productivity practices that will help to bring out the best in your people at work. It’s an award-winning blog with more than 350 posts for you to consume (and you’ll want to)!

We recommend: Viewing Generational Differences Through A Cross-Cultural Lens to Effectively Manage Millennials.

  1. Blueboard

If your HR team is looking for tips and best practices around employee recognition then make Blueboard’s blog your go-to resource. Their blog will teach you how to craft an innovative recognition program.

We recommend: In Your Own Words: The 5 Languages of Employee Appreciation.

  1. Bonusly

Bonusly’s blog is another resource that will help revolutionize your recognition program. Every couple weeks the Bonusly blog publishes easy digestible insights and tips on leadership, organizational culture, and employee recognition.

We recommend: Why Employee Recognition is Crucial to Inclusion.

  1. TINYpulse

A powerhouse in the HR blog community, TINYpulse’s blog focuses on organizational culture with interviews, research and guides for HR practitioners across a wide spectrum.

We recommend: 10 Reasons for High Turnover Rates.

  1. Workology

Formerly known as Blogging4Jobs, Workology offers an unconventional view of the HR trends and human capital landscape. There’s a little bit of everything on their blog and they even break down their content depending on where their readers are on their professional lifecycle.

We recommend: Wherever We Go, There We ARe: Tops for Effective Team Communication.

  1. Talent Culture

The Talent Culture blog offers several opportunities to contribute to conversations on career strategies, recruiting, HR leadership, talent management and HR training. If you’d like to get your voice out there and get involved in the conversation then Talent Culture is the blog for you.

We recommend: Dos and Don’ts for Buying HR Software.

Ultimately, there are blogs out there that didn’t get included in our list this time around. What blog do you read faithfully to continue developing your skills?

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