Did you know that year-in and year-out, onboarding is one of HR’s most “pervasive painpoints?” In fact, more than two-thirds of HR professionals said that broken processes kept them from reaching their full potential.  

So what compounds this problem? For high-growth companies expanding their teams over 250 people, onboarding, safeguarding employee data, and managing every step of the hire to retire process is no easy task. Manual data-entry for HR professionals is time-consuming, and leads to countless errors and additional workflows which delay onboarding progress. Then, when HR handoffs employee information to IT, one IT person is left with the burden of manually entering all employee data into the IT system of record.

When Compass passed over 1,000 employees, they knew it was time for a better way to manage all of their employee data and to improve their employee experience. After implementing Sapling’s integration with OneLogin, Compass’s IT Manager, Lauren Jones found that, “Sapling’s integration with OneLogin has been game-changing, providing security to our systems through single-sign-on, provisioning and deprovisioning accounts based on the HR data, and saving our team thousands of hours of manual work.”  

Does this sound like a product your IT and HR teams could use? If your company is growing and you’re overwhelmed by extensive new-hire paperwork, and want to automate the hire to retire people management process, Sapling’s integration with OneLogin may be beneficial for you. It provides identity management across your company’s large and growing user base, and when new hires are created within the applicant tracking system, the information is automatically sent to Sapling to initiate the new hire onboarding event. 

With Sapling’s integration with OneLogin, you can:

  • Launch Sapling from OneLogin's single sign-on (SSO) portal
  • Sign into Sapling using OneLogin credentials / authentication
  • Automatically provision new hire accounts in OneLogin 
  • Keep employee data in OneLogin while sending data changes in Sapling to OneLogin

The Sapling + OneLogin integration saves People Operations and IT teams time, reduces the risk of manual error, and protects critical employee data. Using Sapling + OneLogin, companies can save hundreds of hours per year in lost productivity.  
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