Sapling, a leading People Operations platform launched the Gmail Add-On product with the focus to increase productivity via automated workflows.

Sapling's expansive integration with Gmail allows People Ops and IT teams to manage HR activities, such as create and close tasks and view employee profiles, all within their inbox, keeping their team on track with automated reminders and triggered notifications.

“With our Gmail-Add On, we want to meet our users where they are most productive. Take your tasks on the go and complete them right from your inbox,” comments Sapling’s CEO, Bart Macdonald. “This add-on will help empower people professionals to be more efficient and strategic at scale.”

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Sapling’s People Ops platform connects and automates HR activities across existing HR, IT and Finance solutions and is the leading People Operations platform that streamlines HR workflows, creates a red-carpet employee experience. Sapling empowers People Operations teams with connectivity, data, and insights on their global workforce. Connect with Sapling today for your personalized tour of the Sapling platform.