Guest blog by Kelly Peters, Content Marketing Manager at JazzHR.

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way we live and work. As social distancing guidelines continue, working from home has become the new norm for many companies.

And without a physical office, this shift has given way to a brand-new hiring landscape. No longer are business restricted to local job seekers when growing their teams. Thanks to the rise of remote work, companies can tap into the global talent pool—many for the first time.


This shift represents an opportunity for teams to not only expand their volume of candidates, but engage with a diverse group of international job seekers. Not only is this good for creating a robust recruitment funnel: it’s also good for business. Benefits of connecting with global talent include:

  • Increased quality of hire
  • Boosted cultural and thought diversity
  • Enhanced innovation and creativity
  • Greater understanding of new markets and opportunities
  • Reduced time to hire

Ready to take the plunge into the international talent pool? Follow these best practices to attract the best-fit candidates from across the world.

1. Meet Candidates Where They Are

You may have tried-and-true methods for connecting with job seekers: a certain job board that has resulted in quality hires, an employee who seems to always have a referral up their sleeve, or a certain social media platform that has sparked engagement.

While these channels may have previously served you, it’s important to approach your sourcing strategy with fresh eyes when beginning to connect with international candidates. Start by researching where global candidates in your space are spending their time. Depending on your industry, international job seekers may prefer to connect on social media or through online forums rather than traditional country-specific avenues. They may also engage with more mainstream job boards vs. industry-specific niche outlets.

Remote Work

Once you understand where these candidates are, post your jobs and engage with them in those locations. By meeting international candidates where they are, you’ll increase the likelihood of making the best hire faster regardless of their location.


2. Revisit Your Employer Brand

The impression you make on candidates has a direct impact on your reputation as an employer. Your company may have a strong presence in your local market, but if you’re not representing yourself well to a broader audience, you may be missing out on global talent.


Revisit your key touch points to ensure your company is presented as a global team with a dynamic remote culture. International candidates should feel included in the conversation around your company through the content and language in/on your:

  • Job postings
  • Career page
  • Social media channels
  • Communication templates (email, text, etc.)
  • Third-party review sites

Even though they won’t be joining your team in-person, global job seekers want to be able to see themselves as part of your virtual team. Showcase your inclusive culture, and you’ll increase the likelihood of them engaging with your brand. Not sure where to start? Partner with your marketing team to understand the best way to target this audience.


3. Choose the Right Technology

Virtual hiring has fast-tracked the use of remote workforce solutions, empowering teams to continue driving the candidate-to-employee lifecycle from afar. But besides helping businesses to accelerate their processes remotely, these solutions also improve the candidate experience.

If you aren’t leveraging the right technology, you risk losing out on top talent to other employers. For international candidates, in particular, moving through a hiring process easily is key to keeping them engaged from across the world.
So what tools should you be using? Technologies that speed up the process and facilitate contactless experiences have seen particular increases amid the pandemic:

Interconnected World
  • Since April, for example, JazzHR customers have increased their sending of candidate self-scheduling invitations to candidates by ~150%
  • Between March-November, the number of JazzHR customers sending electronic documents also increased by ~120%

Consider incorporating these tools into your process alongside your other HR tech solutions to not only keep up but stand out.


Expanding Your Recruiting Reach

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we approach our hiring. For remote teams, this means businesses can now connect with job seekers across the world rather than simply their local market.

Use this shift as an opportunity to thoughtfully approach this new market and find the best-fit hires possible. Not sure where to start? See how JazzHR and Sapling can help.


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Sourcing Remotely in 2021: Tapping Into the Global Talent Pool