We are pleased to announce our partnership with organizational management leader ChartHop to offer robust organizational planning abilities fueled by data in your Sapling account. Now, you will be able to run scenarios that help inform alternate hiring plans, new team structures, proposed M&A outcomes, department-specific changes, or even org-wide compensation planning 🎉

Leading brands like InVision, Masterclass, and Figma all rely on ChartHop to help align People/Finance/Recruiting teams on a single vision of your organization’s future. Combining that power with the automation and visibility provided by Sapling’s People Operation Platform means you’ll always have the data you need right at your fingertips. 

The best part? When ChartHop’s data visualization tool pulls information from your Sapling account, you’ll be able to create highly dynamic, customizable reports that make things like headcount planning a breeze. 

How can I set up the integration? 

  1. Gather your subdomain, API access token, and Name of Org Head
  2. Input your information into ChartHop's Sapling Integration page 
  3. Select which information you want to sync

Easy as that! 

Ready to see the power of Sapling + ChartHop for yourself? We’d love to chat about how you can leverage data to grow your team, improve the employee experience, and successfully manage people operations. Request a product walkthrough today to see this magic in action!


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Sapling Partners with ChartHop to Support Advanced Org Management and Planning