Bigger, better and more bots! The 2019 HR Technology Conference and Exposition (HR Tech) was a jam-packed conference at the Venetian in Las Vegas, with consistent focus on HR strategy, technology and culture in the context of creating a seamless employee experience.

Here are the five conference takeaways: 

  1. Build HR Tech Strategy - The transformation of HR teams is in full effect. Modern day People Operations Teams need to realize value within their people teams, which includes having an enterprise systems strategy, regularly updating integrations strategy and optimizing for the seamless employee experience. 
  1. Increase Interoperability within HR Tech Stack - Find an integrated HR Tech Stack that works will the tools that you already have and love. “Vendors are focusing their attention on ‘employee-centric tools’ that operate within Microsoft Outlook, Slack, Salesforce and other widely used tools.” –Josh Bersin, HR industry analyst. 
  1. Invest in People Analytics -  People analytics and insights are becoming more common thus people leaders need more robust tools to deliver employee metrics and insights. It's time to trade in your Excel and Google Sheets for a more predictive tool. 
  1. Maintain Positive Culture ->  Attention and recognition gets people to where your want them to go. Create a culture cabinet aka “street team” of diverse employees to drive culture innovations. Too small for a culture cabinet? Consider running Culture Hackathons to survey your employees about cultural elements to start, stop or continue. 
  1. Deliver Seamless Employee Experience - Employees expect one seamless journey from the moment they check out a job ad to writing a review on what a great place it is to work. It is expected to be one seamless experience from hire to retire instead of sectionalizing it to recruitment, talent, culture,  learning and development etc. Find a vendor that can provide the entire seamless experience in the employee lifecycle.


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Recap HR Tech 2019: 5 key takeaways