As January kicks into second gear, we wanted to make sure you’re aware of the changes we’ve launched in the last few months. That way, you can start your new year with Sapling with a bang. 

Smart Documents

To better serve companies with multiple geographical locations, we’ve enabled the ability to specify Department, Location, and Employment status on a Document level in Sapling. For example, you may only have documents that apply to full-time employees, others that are specific to UX researchers, and some that are only relevant to Lisbon team members. 

You can also assign documents specific to different processes such as: Onboarding, Offboarding, Promotions, Relocation, or define a custom process. 

By investing in organizing your documents at the beginning of the year, you’ll be in the best position to take advantage of our upcoming Smart Assignment feature. If you specify which process a document belongs to, we will start auto-assigning that document in that flow in the future. If you do not want a document to be auto-assigned during a certain process, like Onboarding, then simply mark the document process type as Other/Adhoc. 

During Q1, you will see Smart Assignment fields show up in Documents, Email Templates, Workflows, and Profile Field Templates.  

Smart Company Links  

Company Links allows you to provide a centralized location to help your team find the most up-to-date links for important company resources such as:

  • Links to Google docs describing benefit packages
  • Links to external retirement management portals 
  • Links to expense filing forms 
  • Links to important presentations, intranet, policies
  • And much more...

We have also just added the ability to limit visibility to links by Department, Location, and Employment status.

Sapling Weekly Activity Email 

We know it can be hard to understand the ROI of HR initiatives, or exactly how much work goes into managing the employee experience. To help quantify these activities, we’ve launched a new weekly summary email that highlights the key metrics from Sapling that week.

New Hire Announcement Email

You now have the ability to customize new hire announcements for different locations, departments, and employment status and choose who receives it. When enabled, the recipients get a list at the beginning of the week of all new hires starting on that given week. These features increase visibility of new hires and give the new hire a warm welcome as team members become aware of their arrival. 


We have added a number of useful integrations for Time and Attendance Tracking with market leader Deputy. Integration supports auto provisioning, invite, sync, and deprovisioning with your Deputy account. 

If you have not taken advantage of them, you should also check out our integrations with ADP Canada, Xero AUS, and LinkedIn TalentHub

Platform Customizations

Name Display: We added a global setting to allow you to choose how you want names to display throughout Sapling Profiles, Directory, and Org Chart. Now you can choose from six different options including [Preferred + Last], as well as [Last, First]. 

Customizable Access Cut Off Date for Offboarding: In addition to being able to specify Last Worked Date and Termination Date, you can now specify Access Cut Off date and time. You will have two options: 

  • Immediate: in case the termination is involuntary and for security reasons you need to end employee access immediately 
  • Custom date: so you can specify a date and time for when access should be terminated to accommodate for team members in different timezones 

Reporting Improvements

Based on your feedback, we added helpful improvements to our reporting functionality, including Point in Time Reporting, which gives you the ability to report on a single historic date in the past to get a snapshot of that date. 

We also added: 

  • The ability to include Pending Changes to reports where possible 
  • The ability to include inactive records in most of our historic reports
  • Profile and Role data to our Time Off reports 
  • Custom schedules for auto-generating and emailing reports 

New Time-off Policy Creator

We love growing with all of you! As your companies scale and continue to be successful, the need for more sophisticated time-off policies increases. We heard from both potential and existing customers that you need more powerful features, so in addition to being able to create custom policies for location, departments, and employment status, we added a number of features such as: 

  • Negative balance management including negative balance caps
  • Rollover management including rollover balance caps 
  • Minimum and maximum limits for time off requests per policy, so you can limit it to no less than 1 hour or 4 hour chunks, or no more than 30 days in a row 
  • Chained approvals per time off policies
  • And we wrapped it all in an updated, more intuitive User Experience. 

Do not miss out on these great updates (especially chained approvals!). You can go into any existing policy and update it today. Here is a little primer to get you started. 

Not a customer and want to see these features in action? Take our People Operations Platform for a spin.


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