Understanding where you fit into a growing organization is important - it helps you feel connected to the broader team and find your place in the broader mission. 

Sapling's Org Chart is designed to give your new hires and broader team a unique understanding into their team and relationships.

Org charts are the graphical representation of an organization’s structure - they illustrate the reporting relationships and chains of command within the organization. 

Sapling puts the org chart in everyone’s employee experience, replacing static org charts made with tools like Visio or PowerPoint. 

Because your employees are the heartbeat of your company - its tied with your employee structure - so when changes are made to the organization, it automatically updates.

Building connections

Sapling’s org chart is a seamless way to visualize every connection between your team members. Interactive reporting structures make it easy for your team to identify leaders within your organization.

In Sapling, the Org Chart can be accessed from the People Page and allows you to search, zoom and filter your organization. You can navigate the org chart and explore the direct reports of each person. 

Lastly, exporting the org chart to a native link allows you to share it with external parties like contractors or board directors.

“Sapling enables Beat to amplify employee engagement.” Beat, Maria Koukou, Compensation & Benefits Manager

The power of color

No matter how your organization is structured or how your teams function, Sapling makes it simple to graphically represent every employee, every role, and every job function. 

For international organizations or have remote employees - color coding your org chart by location helps remove the confusion of multiple time zones when scheduling or messaging other team members. Also, give your traveling team members insight into other offices before they even arrive.

If you have multiple cross functional teams, color coding your org chart by department helps cross functional teams, understand who owns which piece of the puzzle - for example, who is in charge of product marketing vs. QA?

If you have different types of employees, color coding the org chart by employee type such as contractor, freelancer or intern. This helps you gain quick insight during critical people operations processes such as headcount planning.

If you have similar teams with different groupings, color coding your chart by segment means sales team members can be easily identified by segment such as SMB, Mid-Market or Enterprise.

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Org Chart: Building connections across your team