23% of startups fail because they don’t have the right team. Attracting top talent is a major challenge for People Operations and HR leaders. This challenge is magnified for companies raising brand awareness, building brand equity, and establishing a new brand. But this problem isn’t unique to startups alone, 80% of HR leaders agree that, “Employer branding has a significant impact on their ability to attract talent.” One of the top ways to showcase your brand and talented workforce is through company onboarding and new hire videos.

Video has always been a favorite way to share insight and so it’s not a surprise that companies are turning to this medium to reveal what the employee experience is like if you work there.

With more Millennials and Gen Z taking on more leadership roles in the workplace, they are a group of people who prefer content delivered by video. That’s why it’s important to include this element in any employee preboarding strategy. After all, with a workforce that is increasingly global, being able to onboard new hires who work remotely is made easier by using videos. This can give new hires insight without them ever having to be onsite, and help humanize employee onboarding for your remote workforce.

Need some inspiration for creating your own new hire culture videos to introduce your next new hire to the organization? Here are seven companies (in no particular order) that have gone above and beyond with mind-blowing results.

Carbon Black

Carbon Black is a security company helping protect organizations from cyber-attacks, and their new hire culture video is a great example of how highlighting current employees can be an excellent strategy to show-off your diverse company culture.

In Carbon Black’s culture video, they bring inclusivity to life. They showcase their specialized resource groups, including groups for employees of color, women, and LGBTQ employees. This gives candidates and new hires an idea of how Carbon Black is currently supporting its employees from diverse backgrounds, and is an excellent recruiting and retainment tool.


The Atlassian team video is different from most because is displays this Australian-based enterprise research and software development firm in a warm, family-like atmosphere. The founders talk about their ideas for the company and its growth while retaining a humble posture.

The impressive culture is displayed with strong team images and people. This is a direct reflection of their mission of bringing out the best potential in people using teamwork. The office is modern with plenty of plants and employees settled into work areas, which is appealing to those looking for stability.


This popular creative software firm offers not only a fun look at their modern corporate offices and energetic approach to everything they do, but it includes all the right branding touches one would expect. It opens up with an employee casually rolling through the office on a skateboard, then an introduction of the company vision by Co-founder and CEO, Melanie Perkins who shares her inspiring story.

The video introduces various members of the team at all levels, focusing on the Millennial-driven values that create a family type environment, but also jumps to features that the Canva product offers. It’s colorful, includes great music, and overall appeals to the creative geniuses out there they attract.


The conversational marketing firm, Drift, headquartered in Boston, does a great job with it’s new hire culture video.

It clearly demonstrates a strong brand, complete with a birds-eye tour of the office on an average day. Viewers float through various areas of the building, where employees (otherwise known as ‘Driftlings’) are busy collaborating and working on various projects.

The entire video is a great representation of what it’s like to work for the company as it immerses viewers in the culture.


Dropbox's new hire culture video, highlights the excitement that their team has for the product and how the culture is implemented from bottom up.

This video is more professional, showing the employees dressed in business attire, giving viewers a real behind the scenes look at how Dropbox's work environment looks everyday.


Hubspot, the inbound sales and marketing software service takes a different spin on things in their new hire culture video. Opening scene starts off with their founders, and how the came to the idea to start Hubspot, then going into detail about each department and how they help.

The video is entertaining, has fun music played the entire time, and is quite funny. Showcasing Hubspot's "non corporate" and "non-startup'y" environment, they do an excellent job of highlighting the culture of Hubspot of autonomy, trust of employees, and the many perks of being an employee.


Startup Entelo, focuses on how they are able to succeed together in their new hire culture video.

By bringing a more human aspect to the culture video they are able to showcase more than just "company perks", but they go into a deeper dive of what culture means for them.Their video highlights teamwork, and how they aim to make one another better, while having some fun!

What elements make for effective new hire culture videos?

If you are designing your own new hire video for onboarding new employees, there are some key takeaways you can learn from the above winning examples. Make sure to include these elements in your new hire culture video.

It’s all about the people.

All candidates are looking to answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” as they review corporate culture videos for new employees. The videos above effectively answer this question by explaining the benefits and experience that most hires can expect. From onsite perks to learning support, the top employees are looking for a total experience. Make sure your video centers on people and their needs first; everything else last.

The leadership and mission is authentic.

One thing that we discovered in onboarding new hires is how important it is for leadership to be authentic and for this information to be presented to employees on day one. Culture videos can be a convenient way to introduce new employees to the mission of the company and the leaders who are behind it. Instead of plunking a handbook down in front of new hires at orientation, giving them an interactive presentation of the foundations of the company is far more impactful.

How the vision fits the work environment.

It's important to keep things grounded with full transparency and regular communication with employees. Quarterly meetings bring employees together to discuss work life, share ideas, and gather feedback. This is displayed in the format of their new hire culture video too. The vision of the company syncs well with the daily work atmosphere. This is something to strive for in your own culture communications.

What the company gives back.

For many industry leaders, building a solid company culture starts with crafting an excellent onboarding video. In the culture videos above, employees are able to see why their role at their organization is important, how they can contribute to a bigger vision, and learn how the organization contributes to causes that are meaningful to their employees.

As you develop your culture video for onboarding new hires, keep these winning strategies in mind.