What if all your HR tools from recruiting and onboarding to learning and development all lived in one place? 

Our mission at Sapling is to help people build better companies. Sapling already integrates with over forty leading HR, IT and productivity systems to enable People Leaders to build the technology ecosystem of choice at their organization. 

Today Sapling is pleased to announce our partnership with prominent Learning Management System LearnUpon. This new partnership will support us on our mission of helping people build better companies by advocating for employee growth fueled by the data housed in Sapling. Having a LMS at the core of your learning ecosystem will support your people team when scaling training programs across your company, without overwhelming team members.

LearnUpon is Sapling’s new Strategic LMS Partner. Having recently raised $56 Million, LearnUpon is one of the leading modern LMS on the market serving over 1,000 delighted customers. LearnUpon and Sapling’s teams have spent months ensuring there is great alignment between our companies’ values, culture and goals. The integration with LearnUpon will support delivering impactful training that fuels employee, partner, and customer success for our mutual customers. Beyond the integration, our strong strategic partnership will enable both companies to work closely together to find the best joint solution for current and future mutual customers.

Interested in learning how these integrations work? Connecting Sapling to an LMS platform is a powerful way to streamline the employee experience. Once activated, Sapling will be able to auto-provision new hire LMS accounts while seamlessly keeping their profile up to date with any changes made in Sapling. Check out our LearnUpon integration guide for a full walkthrough on how this can save time and effort for People & IT teams! 

The power of Sapling's People Ops platform along with a Learning Management System, such as LearnUpon,  is an investment that will help you hire, onboard and retain top talent to support your organization in achieving its goals.

Sapling’s CEO, Andy Crebar, believes that growing Sapling’s partnerships into the LMS space is a natural progression for Sapling at this time. “We are very excited to be expanding Sapling’s capabilities to include integrations with leading Learning Management Systems. Forward thinking people leaders have continued to recognize the importance of great people operations combined with strong learning cultures, and in our mission of helping people build better companies - we are ecstatic to be adding to our growing network of global integration partners”’. 

Ready to see the power of Sapling’s People Operations Platform combined with an amazing LMS? We’d love to chat about how you can leverage data to grow your team, improve the employee experience, and successfully manage people operations. Request a product walkthrough today to see this magic in action!


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