Congratulations! You’ve hired a new employee. The recruitment process is a lot of work—but you’re not quite finished yet. Over one in ten new employees change their minds on an offer after signing it. 

A heartfelt and engaging welcome email can reinforce your new employee’s decision to join your company. It can also provide information to help your new employee have a smooth first day.

What to include in a welcome email to a new employee

Every company’s welcome email will be unique, as every company has a different employee preboarding and onboarding process. Think through the things you want to communicate with your new employee between their offer acceptance and start date.

Here are some things you may want to include:

  1. Excitement: Let your new employee know how excited you are to have them join the team. Circle back on the impact they will have on your organization, so they can get pumped for what lies ahead. 
  2. Key contacts: Let your new hire know who they can contact with any questions prior to their start date. This could include their manager, their buddy, or a People Ops representative. Introduce each person and copy them on the email so your new employee can easily connect with each of them as needed.
  3. Team information: Help employees get to know their new teams. Share your people directory and org chart so they can learn more about their colleague’s backgrounds and interests, as well as how each team is structured. You may also choose to invite them to your company Slack channels.
  4. Company information: Share some information about your company history, culture, mission, vision, and values. This can help your new employees feel more connected to your company early in their employee lifecycle.
  5. New employee questionnaire: Ask your new employee to complete a questionnaire so your team can learn more about them. This might include their preferred nickname, equipment preferences, food limitations, and hobbies.
  6. Paperwork: Get the new employee paperwork out of the way so each employee’s first day can be filled with celebration, introductions, and learning. 
  7. Next steps: Let you new hire know what to expect next. This might include first day or first week details, or a date by which your new employee can expect that information. 

This can be a lot of information to include in a single email. Some companies utilize a People Operations Platform like Sapling to organize this information and make it accessible to employees long-term. You could also break this into multiple emails to spread it out over a longer pre-boarding period.

Sample welcome email to a new employee

Hi [Name],

We’re excited for you to be joining us on November 1! We’re confident that your impressive finance background will help us maximize our profitability in 2020, and we’re very much looking forward to your insights and expertise on all things finance.


The link below will take you to our internal employee onboarding platform. Here you’ll be able to learn about the company, get to know your team, set-up your employee profile, and understand what your first few weeks will look like.


Key contacts

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m also copying your manager, Cameron, and your work buddy, Avery. We’re all here to help you make a smooth transition and get up to speed. In fact, both Cameron and Avery will be putting time on your calendar in the coming weeks to check in and see how things are going with you.

Next steps

We’re arranging an extensive onboarding program for you, including online training, and in-person meetings with key personnel across the NYC and global offices. Stay tuned for your itinerary, and other things you should know before your first day.

Best regards, and welcome!

Final thoughts

Your new employees may still be receiving other offers and counter-offers well after they decide to join your company. A thoughtful welcome email can help new employees feel valued and connected to your company right away, mitigating the risk of them getting cold feet.

An employee-centric People Operations Platform like Sapling can help you build a strong employee experience, from hire to retire. You can automate many of your ongoing People Ops tasks—including new employee welcome emails—to focus on building a more strategic People program.


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How to Write a Welcome Email to a New Employee