When it comes to hiring and retention, your employer brand is a cornerstone that prospective and current employees will use to evaluate whether or not your company is the right place to work.

This blog has the key highlights from our panel webinar moderated by Culture Amp’s Senior People Scientist, Craig Forman with speakers:

Our speakers discussed how to leverage their employer brand to attract and retain top talent.

Some points from the webinar that Sapling, an onboarding and HRIS platform, found particularly compelling was around, how crucial it is to make your brand visible through the employee experience.

Jamie stated:

The onboarding experience should begin even before the candidate starts. When we extend an offer to a candidate, my hiring team reaches out to tell them how excited we are. Before they start, we have the new hire come on-site to have lunch with the team. On their first day, I always find time to spend with them. Even after they’ve officially ‘started’ from a recruiting perspective, I’ll still do monthly check-ins for the first ninety days. After ninety days, we’ll do a recap with our HRBP to make sure the new hire is set up for success."

Watch the entire recording of the panel!

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Key Takeaways:

  • - “From Yes to Desk - employer branding and onboarding starts the moment your new hire signs on to join your company
  • - Be intentional in creating your Employee Value Proposition - it can be used as an effective driver in talent acquisition, engagement and retention
  • - Respond to negative Glassdoor reviews with authenticity and empathy
  • - Conduct listening tours to get a pulse on the voice of the organization and how they impact your employer brand

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