Happy Valentine’s Day! 

This holiday is all about the celebration of love in its many forms. While some associate the holiday with eros (passionate love) or pragma (enduring love), others celebrate philia (deep friendship) or storge (familial love).

But it’s important not to forget about philautia (self-love), especially given the challenges of the past couple of years. This week, we hope you can make some time for the things you love, be it a good coffee, a walk at your local park—or even an hour or two of eLearning. 

Learning and development is a wonderful way to invest in yourself, and for your organization to invest in your team members. Encourage everyone on your team to invest in a little self-love this year by helping them fall in love with eLearning.

Get your team members involved in their own development plans

Do your team members love their jobs? What would they love to be doing five or 10 years from now? 

Asking your team members where they want their careers to go and what they want to learn can help you create development plans your team members are excited about. Get ongoing feedback to ensure your team members remain happy with their development paths, and adjust as needed to accommodate new goals or needs. Your team members are more likely to commit to learning and development if it will help set them on a career path they love.

Make space for learning at work

Work-life balance is important, and even people who love to learn are likely to place development opportunities into the “work” category. eLearning will be seen as more of a chore if it’s competing against leisure activities and personal responsibilities for your team members’ time. 

Make space for eLearning during work hours and encourage your team members to use it. For example, you might encourage your team members to block off time every week or month for individual development opportunities. Or you might organize a team-wide lunch and learn where you order lunch for everyone (or send Uber Eats gift cards to your remote team) and watch a soft skills eLearning course together. 

Offer a variety of eLearning opportunities

People have different workplace learning styles and may be more excited about development if the format suits their needs. For instance, some people are aural learners and want to listen and discuss new concepts and ideas, while others are kinesthetic learners and want to jump in headfirst to try something new on their own.

Offer a variety of eLearning opportunities to accommodate team members with different learning styles. This will help more team members have successful development journeys that they will love more and more over time.

Make learning a social activity

eLearning can bring your team members together, strengthening not only their skills—but their bonds with each other. For example, organizing employee onboarding cohorts can help your new hires ramp up as a group and build early relationships with their peers.

Group learning may also combat feelings of remote worker isolation. Team members may choose to take the same eLearning courses at the same times as their peers, and swap notes via group chat or a video call. Or team members may divide and conquer, each taking a unique course and sharing their learnings with their peers.

Recognize development achievements

Professional development doesn’t just level-up your team members—it levels up your entire organization. Show your appreciation and encourage ongoing learning by recognizing your team members’ development achievements.

For example, highlight your top learners during company-wide all-hands, or display them on a leaderboard. Your managers should also provide praise as team members complete development opportunities and learn new skills. 

Share eLearning success stories

eLearning should be mapped to development plans so it can lead to opportunities for career advancement. When your team members know they’re working toward their career goals, they will be more likely to enjoy the learning process.

Highlight your team members who have taken advantage of eLearning and advanced in their careers as a result. For example, share the story of a team member who started in an entry-level role, followed their development plan, and is now a company leader. Or share the story of a team member who took advantage of eLearning to help them move into an entirely different job function within your organization. Sharing these eLearning success stories will demonstrate your organization’s commitment to development and help your team members envision their own futures.

Final thoughts 

A love of learning can set your team members up for successful careers in which they’re able to achieve their goals. Some will naturally have a love of learning, while it may need to be fostered in others. Show your team how eLearning can be a great form of self-love so that they may become the best version of themselves.


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How to Help your Team Members Fall in Love with eLearning