Technology exists all around us to make our lives easier, better, and even more fun. Domestic technology like washing machines saves time so we can work outside the home, spend more time with our families, or pursue leisure activities. Online automated bill payments mean we don’t have to set aside a chunk of our month to write and mail (or hand deliver) checks. Streaming services allow us to watch a movie at home without having to rewind a cassette and return it to a physical brick and mortar video rental store. These technologies have changed our lives for the better.

In much the same way, HR technologies are changing the workplace to make life easier, better, and yes, perhaps even more fun for HR teams and the people you support. 

Modern HR technology enables remote work

Many companies faced a rapid transition to remote and hybrid work when the COVID-19 pandemic began. HR technology eased this transition, contributed to its success, and helped it become a permanent addition to the modern workplace.

For example, People Operations Platforms helped HR teams continue to onboard, offboard, communicate with, and manage remote team members. Learning and development platforms helped team members learn remote working skills and stay on top of their career development from home. Many other remote workforce tools played a part as well, including video and instant messaging solutions and project management software. 

The right technology solutions elevate the employee experience

Companies are facing record-high voluntary turnover amid the Great Resignation as people seek out better job opportunities with higher pay, mobility opportunities, and more flexibility. The right HR technology solutions can elevate the employee experience, leading to happier team members who are more likely to stay.

For example, great onboarding software can improve new employee morale and increase retention rates. Learning and development software can further career growth and potential for promotions and pay raises. And HR software that automates manual tasks can free up time for your HR team to work on new initiatives that further improve the employee experience.

Great HR software can improve internal equity

The pandemic has disproportionately impacted people from marginalized communities, and employers have an important role to play in internal equity to spur external equality. When people from marginalized groups are treated fairly in the workplace and given the same opportunities to succeed, they can strengthen their communities by extension. HR technology can help in this endeavor. 

For example, blind resume and structured interview features in applicant tracking systems can help HR and recruiting teams build more diverse workforces. Performance management software can help managers track their team members’ successes and opportunities for improvement. This helps them encourage the right development opportunities and make more fair, informed decisions around promotions. And compensation management software can help organizations reach and maintain internal pay equity among diverse teams. 

HR solutions can encourage continuous improvement

The workplace has evolved more over the past two years than it had in the decades before it, and will continue to evolve over time. Employers will need to make continuous improvements in order to attract, engage, and retain talent and meet business objectives.

Reporting features in modern HR technology makes it easier than ever to track your HR metrics to find opportunities for improvement. For example, a high 90-day turnover rate may indicate that your employee onboarding program needs a revamp in order to help your new hires acclimate more fully to their roles and teams. Diversity data may show a lack of diversity in leadership roles, so you can make changes to hire and promote more people from underrepresented communities. HR technology can even generate reports that you can share with company leaders and team members for added visibility and transparency.

Final thoughts on HR tech in the workplace

The world of work is rapidly changing. You should continue to fine tune your HR technology stack to meet your organization’s changing needs as your workplace evolves. 

It’s also important to stay on top of changes offered by your technology partners to help you address new opportunities and challenges in the workplace. Many HR solutions are adapting to meet the needs of remote and hybrid teams, improve the employee experience and internal equity, and help HR teams continuously improve their workplaces.

Every organization is unique and can benefit from a unique HR technology stack with best-in-class tools. Make sure to revisit yours regularly to ensure it’s still meeting your organization’s and team’s needs.


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How HR Technology is Changing the Workplace