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Hiring, Structuring, Scaling your People Ops Team

by Mariya Finkelshteyn

Apr 01, 2019

We’ve come across many members in our people ops community that are tasked with building out their own people ops teams. At Sapling, we're lucky enough to work with thought-leaders who have experienced this growth process and some of the do's and dont's they've learned when growing a people ops team.

This blog highlights the keys to structure your team and onboarding strategies that can help your team ramp to productivity and development quickly in our webinar, “Hiring, Scaling, Structuring your people ops team” moderated by Sapling’s CEO, Bart Macdonald, accompanied by the following panel of industry thought leaders:

  • Jessica Simmons - US Culture & People Manager, Onfido
  • Avantha Arachchi - Director of Talent, Gerber Technology
  • Sara Wong - People Operations Manager, Eden

Watch the entire recording on-demand here!

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 1.13.03 PM

Key takeaways from the discussion were:

  • Hiring: Hire someone in People Ops as soon as possible to help establish policies and culture.
  • Structuring: The "magic number" of Company/People Ops ratio is dependent on business goals + stage. Seek for minimum 100:1, and building out "full-stack-" team.

    TIP: One ratio that is helpful is using your companies Customer Success<> Customers ratio, the same ratio should be applied in People Ops,  HR<>Employees
  • Scaling: Use Qualitative + Quantitative data when building a business case to hire a People team.

    TIP: Hire someone on a temp basis, with an opportunity to convert to FT if OKR's are met, making sure to document their work!
  • Software: Implement purpose-built software to provide tool connectivity, analytics, and automation, so you can focus on the strategic aspect of your role.

We know that this is both an exciting and overwhelming time, but as mentioned in this webinar, Sapling's software makes it all possible and grows with your team! Take a quick demo of Sapling today, and learn how progressive People Teams at forward-thinking companies like KAYAK, Invision, and Cruise are leveraging Sapling to automate the admin and elevate their employee experience!

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Mariya Finkelshteyn

Mariya serves as the VP of Marketing at Sapling, leading marketing and demand generation efforts for the organization. She has a proven track record of driving efficiency and growth, bringing sales and marketing teams together through the utilization of shared objectives, best practices and innovation.