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on July 27, 2017 Onboarding

Building Glassdoor Reviews into your Onboarding Program

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When it comes to understanding the importance of Glassdoor reviews, there’s a great story by Nathan Baumeister which goes like this...

At an all-hands meeting, a CEO asked all recent hires to raise their hands.... Once their hands were lifted, he said, “if you consulted Glassdoor in your recent job search, please keep your hands up; if you did not consult Glassdoor, please put your hands down.”

Virtually everyone kept their hands up.

The Scary Truth

Your company’s employer branding is no longer (fully) under your control.

Glassdoor has brought radical transparency to the talent market - meaning, any perceived issues or concerns in your company’s culture or environment can be shared publicly, and unearthed by future job candidates.

Companies seeking to recruit the best talent can’t afford to ignore social media and employee review sites like Glassdoor because job seekers are learning about what it's really like inside your company before they join.

As demonstrated with Nathan’s story above, Glassdoor reviews have quickly become a mainstream input into the decision-making process that candidates make around their future employer. With this, not only has Glassdoor brought transparency to the candidate market, it’s also given HR additional credibility in the Boardroom. Companies and C-level Executives now realize that without the best talent they’ll struggle to build a great company for the long term.

When it comes to building your employer brand, ensuring your Glassdoor profile paints an accurate and positive image of your company’s culture is a big win. Making Glassdoor reviews visible with a regular report delivered to management is an important first step to showing how your company’s employer brand is being delivered in the talent marketplace.

It’s often difficult to track the ROI of these initiatives, however a strong employer brand will lower the average cost-to-hire and time-to-fill positions. Of course, if you truly have a good culture and a positive work environment, there should be no reason to avoid doing this!

Isn’t Glassdoor just for departed employees to rant about their former manager?

A common misconception is that Glassdoor reviews are just for slinging mud at an individual or company under the guise of anonymity.

This isn’t (necessarily) true - as transparency not only shows the bad, but also provides the opportunity to show the good.

Glassdoor’s promise is to ‘strive to be the most trusted and transparent place for today's candidate to search for jobs and research companies.’, and they have substantial guidelines and policies to ensure fairness in public employer branding.

But, like any other media platform that your company is involved in, you need a clear strategy and ownership to get the most out of it.

Building Glassdoor Reviews into your Onboarding Program

By seeking to provide a fair playing field, Glassdoor seeks to give your company the opportunity to engage your current workforce and make publicly your true employer brand.

Now that current and past team members can and do share what it is really like inside a company, breaking trust is warning both current and future employees that the company’s culture may be broken.

Timing is everything

Encouraging feedback is important to build your public brand as an employer, but it’s also important to do it at the right time.

Knowing when to solicit Glassdoor reviews (and more importantly, when not to) can go a long way to ensure your company's Glassdoor profile rides the right wave of employee moral and emotions.

The new hire onboarding process is a critical time in the employee experience and displaying a culture of supporting new hire success will create credibility and trust early.

An example may be after a new hire's first month of onboarding, you can ask them to leave feedback about the interview and onboarding process they experienced.

Glassdoor Onboarding Review

Additionally, when new hires provide a shout-out, props or general compliment about the company, encourage a culture of sharing this information on Glassdoor.blog_banner.png

Bart Macdonald

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