We want your whole team to get the most out of Sapling, including your managers! 

To help them better plan and support their teams, we added a weekly digest that provides a summary of milestones and time off activity.  The weekly manager digest is sent to managers every Friday morning in your default timezone. 

More specifically, the manager digests provides managers timely information on direct reports that are: 

  • Starting time off
  • Returning from time off
  • Have upcoming birthdays (if enabled)
  • Have upcoming work anniversaries (if enabled)

Always a fan of Sapling, Jackie Bowker on the People Operations team at Branch shared a few thoughts on the new Weekly Manager Digest feature.

“Our managers love this weekly update. Its super helpful and helps them be great managers by being aware of the key events in their team’s personal journeys"

You can learn more about Branch’s success story here.

Not a customer and want to see these features in action? Take our People Operations Platform for a spin.


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