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on February 22, 2017 Onboarding

The Best Insights on Employee Onboarding from First Round Review

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Since 2013, content from the First Round Review has been a huge success in the technology community, providing actionable insights for technology entrepreneurs.

In much the same way that Medium continues to revolutionize online content to “Read, write and share stories that matter”, the First Round Review has become a place on the web with the highest quality knowledge for people in technology companies.

Our team recently did a deep dive into the best articles on Employee Onboarding from the First Round Review.  

We’ve outlined our highlights below and strongly recommend the full-read for those passionate about employee success (you won’t be disappointed).

The Only Onboarding Timeline You’ll Need

Percolate Co-founder, Noah Brier outlines his company’s values, and how Percolate keeps its culture intact through fast growth with employee onboarding.

Like our team at Sapling, Noah believes the best way to communicate with new hires and set them up for success at your organization is a structured onboarding plan (written down!)

Percolate’s onboarding plan covers the choreographed sequence of events from “From Offer Letter to First Friday”.

Percolate's Employee Onboarding Insights

You're Losing Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Because of Poor Sales Onboarding

Peter Kazanjy, Co-founder of recruiting software firm TalentBin (acquired by Monster), outlines how senior sales leaders can organize their own Sales Boot Camp.

Peter’s formula doesn’t just solely focus on ‘ramping SDRs to hit quota’ - but the holistic set of topics that new hires should be exposed to during their onboarding.

Like most onboarding advocates, Peter outlines why onboarding starts before a hire's first day on the job and the importance of delivering the right content at the right time.

Too many onboarding programs are a “Read this” laundry list email, accompanied by a set of 50 links to Google Drive documents.

Talentbin’s Onboarding Playbook outlined by Peter covers a number of key objectives including:

  • - Business and Market Onboarding
  • - Product and Presentation Onboarding
  • - Tools and Process Onboarding
  • - The Power of Drills, Repetition and Shadowing

We all know feedback is important, and onboarding plans shouldn’t be static. Embrace the constant search for improvement - “The way you train people can't and shouldn't be set in stone, and you should always be fine-tuning along the way.”

Employee Onboarding at Startups Is Broken – Here’s How to Fix It

In First Round’s exclusive interview with Carly Guthrie, she lays out a plan for onboarding that sets everyone up for success.

The opening scene about being greeted at the pearly gates by St. Peter is an all-too-common occurrence for new hires in the fast-growth technology community. But what makes this article a must-read is Carly’s four rules for the Perfect First Day.

  • - Rule #1: Never have someone start their first day at 9 a.m. — have them come at 11.
  • - Rule #2: Don’t outsource a welcome.
  • - Rule #3: Keep the first day light.
  • - Rule #4: Clue them in on the vernacular.

The First Round Review article finishes with some common objectives when getting managers aligned with organizational onboarding programs - “I’m too Busy to Create an Onboarding Plan!”, “What’s in it for me?” or “My Google Doc works just fine”.

Carly explains, “To make people feel really cared for, you can’t just be thinking about today or tomorrow…. What do you want them to accomplish in the first 90 days? You should already have this in mind so that if they aren’t a perfect fit, you know by that 90th day, not the 900th day.”

Employee Onboarding Insights from First Round's interview with Carliy GuthrieAt Sapling, we help companies build structured onboarding programs with best-in-class technology.

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Jeni Fahy

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