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Customer Love Helps Sapling Grow

by Mariya Finkelshteyn

Feb 14, 2019

Valentine's Day, a day to show love to those you care most about. At Sapling, that is no exception. So when Valentine’s Day came around this year, we wanted to express to our customers how much we value and appreciate them.

It’s no secret that you work day in, day out to improve the lives and wellness of your team members. You’re changing the world for the better! What’s more amazing than that? Plus, when you and your teams grow, so does Sapling and we love you for it.

So without further ado, our L O  V E to all of our customers and community- thank you for making Sapling better every day!

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This is just a token of our appreciation, looking for more ideas to implement employee appreciation? Tune into our webinar "Employee Appreciation Starts with Onboarding."

We don't just love our customers and they love us! Read our 5 star reviews

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Mariya Finkelshteyn

Mariya serves as the VP of Marketing at Sapling, leading marketing and demand generation efforts for the organization. She has a proven track record of driving efficiency and growth, bringing sales and marketing teams together through the utilization of shared objectives, best practices and innovation.