Sapling Connect Summit is just around the corner (May 1st), and we’re getting pumped! Our list of expert speakers is growing and their content has been steadily trickling in.

Today, we’re excited to share a sneak peek into Lattice CEO Jack Altman’s session “From Analytics to Action: Mobilizing on your People Management Data.” During this 20 minute session, Jack will show us how to set up a people analytics program, and use it to make more informed people decisions.

With a great people analytics program, we can answer questions like:

  • Why are our top performers leaving?
  • Who are our best managers? What managers need help?
  • How often do employees share feedback with each other?
  • How do employees feel about work-life balance?
  • Are we doing enough to tackle diversity and inclusion challenges?
  • Who is best at hiring?

This session will review Jack’s 5-step process to discover which questions your organization should be focusing on, and how to address the opportunities for improvement you find.

Jack stresses the importance of using both qualitative and quantitative inputs to make better people decisions. Qualitative data—such as observations, emotions, instincts, and beliefs—don’t give you a complete picture. But quantitative data alone—found through facts, insights, trends, and experiments—can cause you to lose the human element of decision making. This session will show you how to pair the qualitative and quantitative to make better people decisions and improve things like retention and performance at your organization.

It will also review different ways to combine and slice data to uncover actionable insights. For instance, combining engagement and performance data may lead you to discover that your most disengaged employees are also underperforming. An employee engagement survey may provide the necessary data to help you re-engage these employees and simultaneously improve their performance. Taking action and measuring your impact will allow your People Ops team to continually build a stronger company.

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