The average American worker spends at least 209 minutes a day checking their work email. For People Operations and HR teams, spending too much time creating or responding to emails can lead to heightened stress, prioritization of administrative work over long-term strategic initiatives, and ineffective multi-tasking. Imagine all of the extra time you would have if you spent less time emailing hiring managers, sending out emails to candidates or new hires, and chasing down employee paperwork.

This was the thinking behind Sapling’s newest feature: Smart Emails. It helps People Operations and HR teams manage their inbox. How? 

First, it automates all new hire emails. HR teams can now save email templates and streamline new hire communication. To date, most HR tools can only schedule platform invitations and welcome emails...but now, you can add an infinite number of additional Onboarding email templates like:

  • A breakdown of all employee benefits 
  • W2 Tax information 
  • Buddy introductions 

But the Smart Emails feature isn’t limited to onboarding functionality. Smart Emails can streamline all of your internal and external communications to improve the employee experience at every stage of the employee lifecycle. Additional email template capabilities include:

  • Automate 30/60/90 check-ins
  • Send reminder emails about tutorials or training that need to be completed
  • Invite employees to monthly all-hands meetings
  • Setup annual review meetings and 1-on-1s
  • Establish employee workflows
  • Automate offboarding 
  • Create email templates for any type of recurring communication

Smart Emails does more than make your inbox more manageable. This new feature:

  • Provides People Operation teams with greater visibility 
  • Improves internal communication across teams
  • Standardizes HR processes
  • Helps create a consistent employee experience
  • Reduces manual errors
  • Saves time spent on administrative tasks

Want to learn more about how Smart Emails can help your team manage your workload and focus on employee experience initiatives that will move the needle? Request a demo today!


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Automate Your Inbox: Introducing Sapling Smart Emails