Glassdoor reviews can be a candidate’s first impression of your company. In fact, four out of five job seekers look to company reviews and ratings when making job decisions. Reviews on sites like Glassdoor can give job seekers a realistic preview of what it’s like to work at your company, so you can attract the right people for your roles. 

Glassdoor reviews can benefit your company in a number of ways. First, they can give you the competitive edge to hire top-tier talent. Top talent can help your company innovate and dominate in your field. Second, reviews provide you with feedback to improve your employee experience. This can help you retain the talent you’ve worked so hard to recruit, even as other companies are actively trying to recruit them away.

Users on Glassdoor can leave company reviews, interview reviews, and benefit reviews. Here are four things you can do to maximize your Glassdoor presence:

Ask for Glassdoor reviews

Glassdoor encourages employers to actively seek out reviews. Here are a few great opportunities to ask your employees for public feedback:

  1. During the employee onboarding process. A great employee onboarding process will generally develop highly engaged new employees. This is a great opportunity to ask for a Glassdoor review. Make this part of your process around the 90 day mark.
  2. Before a big hiring push. Are you opening a new office, ramping up after a successful round of funding, or bringing in seasonal hires? Ask your employees to write Glassdoor reviews before you initiate a big hiring push. Recent feedback from a variety of employees can help you attract more of the right talent.
  3. During an exit interview. All employees will leave your company eventually. If you’ve provided a great employee experience, their feedback could be invaluable to your recruiting efforts. Even if the employee has already left a review 90 days post-hire, their updated review can offer additional insights about their growth and achievements.
  4. When you roll out new benefits. Glassdoor has benefit reviews in addition to company reviews. Ask your employees to share their feedback about benefits, especially when you roll out something new.

It should be noted that Glassdoor allows employees to write one review per company per year. If they write two in one year, the original review will be archived and only the most recent review will show on your profile.

You can also ask candidates who are not hired for your positions to complete interview feedback on Glassdoor.

Promote your Glassdoor reviews

Glassdoor reviews provide social proof of your excellent employee experience, and often help candidates make the decision to apply. Make sure your candidates see them!

Direct candidates to your reviews by sharing links to your Glassdoor profile through your:

  • Career site 
  • Candidate outreach emails 
  • Job postings
  • Social media posts

If your company pays for an Enhanced Profile, make sure to choose a Featured Review to list first. This can be a fantastic opportunity to showcase the review that’s most representative of your employer brand.

Respond to reviews

Glassdoor allows employers to respond to reviews on their site, and 65 percent of job seekers said doing so would improve their perception of a company. Set up your free employer account to sign up for alerts when new reviews are posted, so you can respond promptly. This works best if one person “owns” Glassdoor and delegates out tasks as needed. You can improve response times and ensure brand alignment by drafting templated responses ahead of time, and personalizing them to each review as needed.

Positive or negative, thank the reviewer for their feedback. You can expand on anything positive they said, or say how nice it is to have acknowledgement for all the thought you put into the employee experience. It’s also important to address negative feedback, whether that’s apologizing, or sharing your plan to fix that particular issue. 

Once you’ve responded to a review, the employee or candidate cannot reply again (although they can write a new review to replace the original). If further discussion is needed, offer a way to contact someone at your company so you can take the conversation offline.

Take action on feedback

Your Glassdoor reviews are a fantastic opportunity to improve your employer brand, candidate experience, and employee experience. Look for both positive and negative trends. The things employees and candidates are most excited about should be highlighted in your employer branding materials, and throughout your recruitment process. Things people tend to complain about should be shared with company leadership and addressed as you’re able.

You can certainly gather this information through your regular candidate and employee surveys, but some people will prefer the anonymity of a third-party review site. It’s important to utilize all avenues available to you to improve your candidate and employee experiences.

Final thoughts on Glassdoor reviews

The employee experience begins with the very first interaction a person has with your company, and extends throughout the employee lifecycle. Glassdoor reviews can set the stage for your company’s employee experience. Your involvement can help ensure candidates get a well-rounded view of what it would be like to work at your company—so make sure you’re being authentic.


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4 Tips to Maximize Employee Glassdoor Reviews