If you’ve managed a workplace time-off program before, then you know how overwhelming it can be tracking the incoming and outgoing requests that are received in a variety of ways. Maybe someone asked you in person, or over an email, or on a paper PTO request. The whole process can become mind-boggling and get out of hand quickly

Plus, there’s the looming risk that any overlooked or non-compliant PTO mistakes could cost your company thousands of dollars in lost time and legal fees.

Good news! You can rein in all the PTO requests and approvals and manage the comings and goings of your employees with a PTO tracker which is an HR Automation software.

The ease of mind of a PTO tracker is it’s your business’ one standardized method for managing and tracking PTO, so you don’t have to deal with non-compliant requests ever again.

Bonus! The self-service portal in PTO trackers is intuitive and informative which means the incoming PTO questions that you’re fielding regularly will decrease significantly.

Here are the four most common PTO questions that you’ll (hopefully) hear less from your team:

1. “Have I accrued the PTO time I need for my leave?”

If your PTO tracker is integrated with your HRIS, it’s easy for employees to track their own PTO accrual in the self-service platform. A PTO tracker with an employee self-service function gives employees the option to view their real-time PTO status.

Employees can see for themselves how much unused PTO time they have available, wait periods for new hires, and the maximum PTO accrual balances.

The accrual tiers within a PTO Tracker can vary by length of employment, by a specific department, job function or title.

With a PTO tracker, the manual work factoring that in before you inform someone of their accrued PTO is gone.

  1. 2. “What can I use my PTO for?”

Some types of leaves can be complex and difficult for employees to understand.

Additionally, policies can vary depending on particular states regulations or regional office policies. Fear not, PTO trackers can be customized and automated, so the PTO process for employees is consistent no matter where they’re located!

Some of the reasons for PTO leave can range from sick leave to personal, to maternity, family leave, regular vacations and more. In a PTO tracker, an employee can login and see for themselves which leave policy their PTO falls under and as an added precaution, there is a helpful comment section for anyone submitting to clarify what the PTO will be used for.

Making the PTO leave use cases clear in their portal empowers your employees to confidently request PTO by themselves.

  1. 3. “How do I submit my PTO request?”

A PTO tracker self-service portal is designed so employees can intuitively login and request time and the type of time off, off hassle-free.

Then the PTO tracker routes the request and all significant employee details to the identified request approver, who may be the manager, department head or the HR business partner. This seamless routing of the request eliminates mistakes in communication, missed email messages, lost requests and illegible paper forms. It also makes your people ops team more data-driven.

  1. 4. “How do I know if my PTO request is approved?”

Managers and HR Teams can easily access and report on time off requests so they can anticipate and plan accordingly for the leave. Once they’ve decided if the request is approved or denied, the PTO tracker will send a notice of the decision back to the employee.

Your PTO tracker will decrease your workload and frustration. It will add time to your day and increase your employee satisfaction. Best of all, all that important employee information is tracked and will give you valuable insights into your employees’ self-care and well being. So all that time saved answering those same, repetitive questions you can spend helping you to keep your team as happy and productive as possible.

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