We commonly see customers leveraging their Sapling Org Chart in novel ways, and wanted to share 4 non-obvious benefits that purpose-built Org Chart software can create for your team overnight.

New Hire Onboarding

An org chart is a handy resource for new employees, helping them to navigate the maze of faces and names they’ll encounter during their first few weeks. You can either include a link to the org chart in your new hire orientation materials or, purpose-built software like Sapling it can be found in the onboarding portal. Employee photos, along with bios or personal profiles can make the org chart practical and interesting.

  1. Communication and Collaboration

Today’s interactive org chart makes it easier to find more than just a name or department listing. It can be filled with photos, titles and contact information. You can really leverage an org chart to be a vital tool for helping employees feel connected to each other. Organic search functions let employees easily search by name to identify co-workers for project-based partnerships or for answers to their questions.

  1. Enhance the Employee Experience

Many org charts, have self-service features which allow employees to manage and update their contact information. They can opt to add personal details such as hobbies or favorite local hangouts. Co-workers can view more about each other and bond over similar interests through such user-friendly org chart features. Employees will more readily use an org chart that has useful information that is easy to use and accessible.

  1. Planning and Budgeting

Don’t hesitate to utilize the org chart as a planning tool to help leadership manage change and growth. It’s useful for budget projections and resource planning and can visually map out teams and individual roles or responsibilities. Allowing you and your People Ops team to identify resource gaps or managers with too many direct reports and other misalignments. It can also show you which teams or individuals can potentially take on new projects based on their current responsibilities or skillset.

Your company’s growth often means that roles shift as you manage new hires, promotions and departures. You can make instant updates throughout the employee lifetime with a real-time org chart, so that everyone can trust they are getting up-to-date information and an accurate view of the company.

An org chart can be an effective tool for showing how your company works. It can make workforce planning easier, clarify the role each person plays and strengthen your company’s culture and employee engagement.

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