And just like that, another year has passed. Looking back on the most viral things that hit the headlines in 2021, it was definitely a mixed bag. But for us here at Sapling what a year it has been and we’re proud of how far we’ve come. Here are some highlights of our year, in case you missed ’em. 

Coming in at no. 10!!!!

Recognized as a Leader in Core HR and Onboarding by G2

Sapling continues to move forward as the market leader in both the Core HR and Onboarding space. We want to thank our customers for their endless support and those who took the time to make referrals, recommendations, and comments that have helped elevate our market presence. 

And at no. 9 we have…. 

Expanding our Support Team📣

We’re determined to provide more focused support for our customers and help them empower their teams so we expanded our own support team. We’ve added additional support team members across North America to better assist customers in all time zones.

At no. 8 we’ve…

Track & Approve- Smart approvals

Our Track & Approve add-on allows you to, as the name implies, track and approve any change you might need to make around any of your team member data. Smart approvals allow you to make sure that you as a super admin can make adjustments to those approval processes on the fly and it can intelligently skip past duplicative steps in your approval process.

At a close 7…

Track & Approve- Immunization tracker

As part of the return to work process, there’s been a major shift across multiple different countries on effectively capturing, tracking and planning for the immunization or vaccination of team members. Our Track & Approve add-on includes pre-built tables for immunization and return to work so that you can get your organization back up and running smoothly, regardless of you returning to work or continuing the hybrid model.

And at no. 6…

Track & Approve- Approval Dashboard

The approval dashboard allows you to quickly see changes that are required as well as your past historical changes across both profile information and job details. You can even send reminders to people about outstanding changes before they actually expire. 

Pro tip: These three different enhancements of Track & Approve are built-in on the menu

At no. 5 we have…


Outbox allows you to see not just all of those messages that have been scheduled and read by your team members but it also allows you to build out your own templates within the Sapling app. We also introduced Outbox insights which allows you to see if your emails are having the reach and the effect you intend so you can better support your team.

Coming in at no. 4…

Brand new Integrations

The year 2021 has brought with it many exciting new integrations. With Kallidus’ Recruit, Learn and Perform, we bring a well-rounded functionality to the Sapling ecosystem. 

We also introduced new payroll integrations with Gusto and Team Spirit and an integration on the Performance Management front with Lattice.

And now!!!

At no. 3…

Bulk Data Uploads

Each one of us often has spreadsheets of data from various sources. With the self-service Bulk Data uploads you can upload, download, create or update data inside of Sapling. This feature will continue to expand in its capabilities with the types of data that can be imported directly to Sapling. So if you've got a spreadsheet coming in from some other solution or you've gone through your own acquisition or merger you can easily upload that all on your own, right inside of Sapling.

And at no. 2 we have got the runner-up!!!


Webhooks allow you to get real-time updates triggered to the rest of your HR tech stack.

When certain events happen inside of Sapling, say someone completes their pre-boarding stage, or somebody hits their anniversary date, all those can be triggered as Webhooks that you're monitoring and sent to other solutions. 

Number 1 on our list

Zapier integration

With the goal of better connecting Sapling into the rest of your Tech stack and making processes efficient and well-connected for a great employee experience, we introduce the Zapier integration.

The Zapier integration extends what our Webhooks is capable of doing by allowing us to connect into the Zapier ecosystem. You can set up different events that you want to track in Sapling such as job details, job title, or location changes. This can be set up to trigger other events in thousands of other apps that also exist in the Zapier ecosystem.

It’s almost hard to believe that all of these major updates happened in the course of just one year—and those were just the highlights! 

If you're curious to learn more about any of the above, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, who’d be happy to chat in more detail. 


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