Bringing deep experience from some of the world’s top HR and technology companies

CoFounder, ceo
Andy is a hands-on leader with a love of numbers, continued learning and rapid iteration.  Outside of Sapling, Andy is a dog-dad with a love of books, basketball and building stuff.
Cofounder, cro
Bart is a passionate leader who enjoys co-authoring the next generation of people operations software Sapling’s customers & team. Outside of Sapling, Bart enjoys the change of pace of trail running, reading and traveling.
VP of Marketing
Mariya is a passionate marketer who enjoys building brands, crushing demand gen targets, and aligning marketing and sales. Outside of Sapling, Mariya enjoys food, traveling and spending time with friends & family. 
vp of engineering
Ramesh is passionate engineer with two decades of Silicon Valley experience in building products, scaling platforms, and providing enterprise security / compliance. Outside of work, Ramesh enjoys spiking at volleyball, exploring new hiking/biking trails or snow slopes.
Head of product
Jumana is a product manager in residence with Gradient Ventures. She is passionate about the intersection of art and science, principled design and crafted execution. Ex: Google, Firebase, Zillow. She loves games, dogs, water, and prickly machine learning problems. 
customer success manager
Stephanie is a start-up veteran of 15 years, who is passionate about supporting customer experiences with software. Stephanie is a cat-mom and enjoys cooking, golfing, and volunteering on the weekends.
sales development manager
By day, Mariah is a strategic sales leader who believes the combined power of data, positivity, and hu$tle will save the world. By night, Mariah is a graphic design/comic nerd who loves movies, board games, outdoor adventures, and musical theater!