Building the future of people operations with our customers in mind

Our Customer Advisory Group is comprised of HR and People Operations professionals from various industries who provide valuable feedback on our product and entire customer experience.

We're looking for forward-thinking leaders to be part of the group, where you will join 100s of HR leaders from across the world who are revitalizing the employee experience.

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What to expect?

Your input will place a valuable fingerprint on our product roadmap and continual evolution of Sapling.

Quarterly Advisory Meetings

Review our roadmap and progress, provide feedback on what we should be focusing on and how we can do better.

Early Access to new Features

From Smart Assignment to Surveys, get access to our newest product features and help craft their direction.

Webinar & Speaking Events

Speaking panels to both provide education to the community and promote the people within it.

Networking Events

Market your expertise and
network with like-minded peers.

Sapling Swag

Members have access to high-end swag giveaways throughout the year.

And More

We're always adding to the program and would love to hear more how we can serve the people ops community.


Ready to Join Sapling’s Advisory Group?

While there are limited spots, our team reviews every application and will get back to you.