The People Operations Platform 

Tired of spreadsheets and administrative tasks? Sapling gives you powerful tools to help you focus on the people, not the processes.

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Leading companies trust Sapling for their People Operations


Streamlined Operations

The core HR tools your team needs to get the job done with powerful workflow and document automation to do it faster, and more accurately. 


Data-driven decisions 

Data dashboards, custom reports, & insights to guide you at every step.  Powerful integrations with ATS, Payroll, Benefits, Performance management & more.


Focus on people & productivity

Bring your entire team along to Sapling or let us meet them where they are already working through Slack, Gmail, Jira.

All the integrations you love

Sapling integrates seamlessly with your international HR, IT and Finance systems

No more compromising; leverage the best-of-breed tools your team needs to succeed

Transform your People Admin

"Sapling has cut the time we spend collecting new hire information and tracking employee leave in half. It saves us $250,000+ in productive time each quarter."

Yasmin Elkabir - Director, Global Talent and Culture at Aifi

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Don’t take our word for it.
Sapling is top rated in CoreHR software
and loved by employees

"The amount of information and ease to know what to do is second to none."

"I have started at several companies before and the Sapling experience is making my current process the easiest."

"I love its ease and flexibility of use"

"Core HR is key and this makes sapling a must have. Implementation was easy and the tool is very intuitive."


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